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OriginScience.com  Attempting to reconcile Genesis with science, while upholding the authority of the Bible and the accuracy of established science.

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Origin Views Creation/Evolution Comparison Chart

Whatever your background, you'll find the information here both enlightening and controversial.
Our goal is to be 100% objective, which is why we provide links to articles and information from the most authoritative sites from all perspectives, including atheist.  We are not afraid of the truth.  However, our personal assumption is that God has always existed, and that He is ultimately responsible for the Creation of the universe, regardless of how it happened. 

Atheist evolutionists freely admit their view is based on the assumption that the universe 'somehow' came into being, complete with order, systems, and natural laws.  Nearly all secular views of the universe BEGIN with the 'Big Bang' around 14 billion years ago. 
Before the 'Big Bang,' there is not one scientific explanation for what, if anything, existed, or what 'force' could possibly have been responsible for the Big Bang.  [Watch Nova video clip where an MIT professor admits as much.]  Secular scientists simply accept that that the Big Bang happened because there is ample evidence to support the view, despite the fact that no one has clue what caused it to happen.
So even the most honest, objective view of origins must begin with one assumption or the other either God caused the Big Bang to happen, or it happened apart from any supernatural involvement. 
As Christians, we believe God always existed, and that He either programmed the entire universe, including the eventual formation of life, into the 'Big Bang,' and/or that He may have been directly involved in the process of biological evolution over billions of years, perhaps culminating in the breathing of 'life' (a soul) into Adam (theistic evolution);  OR that He created the universe and life 'instantly' at various intervals over billions of years (old-earth or day-age creationism). 
Proponents of Intelligent Design cover the spectrum of belief, from young-earth creationists to old-earth creationists to theistic evolutionists.  It should be noted that Intelligent Design must ultimately be accepted by faith, because as atheists point out as complex as this universe may be, if its complexity demands a designer, then the being responsible for creating it must be infinitely more complex.

Science currently appears to be affirming evolution through biological and DNA research, while disproving 'instant creation' of any kind; although there is much discussion about the lack of 'missing link' fossil evidence, which most scientists agree should exist between species, if macro-evolution occurred. 
Nevertheless, we believe we should not lose faith in God or the message of His Word, regardless of what mechanism was used to bring the human race into being.
We seek to affirm objective scientific research, and to explore various perspectives on origins.  At the time of this writing, objective research is showing:

  • The universe is approx. 13.7 billion years old.

    More info: NASA; WMAP / NASA; Wikipedia; UCLA; SpaceFlight
    Cosmic microwave background radiation used to measure age of universe
  • The earth is approx. 4.5 billion years old.
    More info: US Geological Survey; USGS Isotope Geology Branch; Wikipedia; Talk Origins - pt.1; Talk Origins - pt. 2;
    Radiometric dating used to measure age of earth;  More Info More Info
    Video Clip explaining radiometric dating
  • Life on earth began approx. 4 billion years ago.
  • Research appears to indicate that life evolved from the simplest life forms, until modern humans appeared approx. 100,000 years ago.  (This estimate is still being debated, and may range from 50,000 years ago to a few million years ago, when pre-humans [hominids] were evidently present on earth.)  Day-Age Creationists believe God created new species 'instantly' over billions of years, but there is evidence to the contrary.  (DNA evidence seems to favor the evolutionary model, but the lack of transitional forms (or 'missing links') can be seen as evidence for 'instant creation.')
  • DNA research is providing continual evidence indicating an evolutionary 'family tree' or 'shared ancestry.'  Some say the evidence of 'copied errors' (pseudogenes) in the DNA of both apes and humans provides almost indisputable evidence of human evolution.  Old-Earth Creationists dispute this view.
  • Though it is possible that there are gaps in the genealogies recorded in Genesis and the New Testament, as they are written they appear to show that Adam and Eve lived approx. 6,000 years ago.  As mentioned above, scientists claim evidence showing that modern humans came into being well before that time period.  And biographical information in the genealogies makes it unlikely that tens of thousands of years could be missing from the genealogies.   However, Mesopotamian history (the earliest recorded history) from the period around 6,000 years ago seems to match well with the societal advances described in the early chapters of Genesis. 
  • Some Christians have speculated about whether or not other humans (or pre-humans/hominids) may have lived on earth before Adam and during his lifetime.  In Scripture, the issue revolves around these questions:  When Cain killed Abel, who was Cain afraid would kill him after God cursed him and made him a fugitive?  And why would God put a mark on Cain to protect him, if there weren't 'people' in the vicinity who might kill him?  Where did Cain's wife come from?  (After Cain was expelled, and went to live in the land of Nod, his wife is mentioned for the first time.)  When Cain built a city, was it only for his family, or were there other people who inhabited the city?  Who were the 'sons of God' or 'angels of God' who may have cohabited with 'human' women?  And is it possible that the significance of Adam in Scripture has more to do with him being the first to possess a soul and/or beginning the 'godly line' that led to the Messiah - rather than him being the first 'human' (or pre-human) who ever lived?
  • A number of respected Christians believe the story of Creation in Genesis can be read figuratively without undermining the authority of Scripture.  However, beyond the Creation story, it becomes very difficult to question the literalness of Adam and Eve (and their descendants through Noah, and beyond) without undermining all of Scripture, especially since there are several references to Adam, Noah, and others, in the New Testament. 
  • To avoid the obvious conflict, theistic evolutionists generally believe that either Adam and Eve were figurative (rather than literal), a notion we reject;  OR that perhaps God breathed life
    (a soul) into a human-like creature (hominid), creating the first human in the 'image' of God.
  • Theistic evolution in any form is repugnant (and frightening) to most Christians, who have always believed in a literal, historical interpretation of the Creation story.   In light of our traditional understanding of Genesis, we would much prefer evolution not to be true.  Old-Earth / Day-Age Creationism 'instant Creation' of species, interspersed over long periods of time, is much closer to the Genesis account.  Unfortunately, DNA evidence showing 'shared ancestry' makes instant Creation (over any time period) difficult to support, at least as the evidence is being presented at this time.

Origin Views Creation/Evolution Comparison Chart

We seek to provide information, links and resources to assist visitors in gaining a well-rounded understanding of established scientific fact, as well as ongoing scientific and biblical research, interpretations, etc.
This site is a work-in-progress. The editor holds no degrees of any kind, and is a layperson whose business is Internet related.  We welcome comments, recommendations, criticism, and correction. 
Here's the
story of how I came to abandon the Young Earth Creationist View, in favor of an old earth view. 
OriginScience.com - Attempting to reconcile Genesis with science,  while upholding the authority of the Bible and the accuracy of established science.


Read stories of others who changed their views, but kept their faith.

Don't be discouraged! There is hope. The Bible's message is trustworthy.  God is still God, and Jesus is still the Savior who rose again. The Bible isn't a science book, and Genesis wasn't written for 21st century intellectuals.  God may have allowed a figurative story of His Creation to be recorded, since a scientific explanation wouldn't have made sense to readers of that time anyway.  So continue to trust Him, despite the apparent difficulties in reconciling science with His Word. 
BOOK: Coming to Peace with Science - a Christian scientist shares his view of theistic evolution.
Did you know that star light we see in the night sky comes from stars billions of light years away, and that the light actually had to travel billions of years to reach us?
FREE ONLINE VIDEO: Director of the Human Genome Project, Christian & theistic evolutionist shares his views.

Well-respected theologians who believe in an old universe and an old earth.
Learn about the methods used to estimate the age of the earth.
Don't allow your heart to be hardened to the truth of God's Word.  Many have fallen away because of the discrepancies between science and common interpretations of Genesis.  Ask God for faith to continue believing, in spite of the difficulties.  He is a faithful Father, who will sustain you through your doubts and fears.
Ever wonder if we've raised the bar so high regarding the supposed 'perfection' of Scripture that we've removed the humanity from a book that was inspired by God, yet written by fallen men.  God's message is  authoritative, our only source of truth for the Christian life.  But it needn't be an utterly  perfect or inerrant book for the message to be true...









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